Sell the homes of tomorrow today.

Selling property that doesn’t even exist yet. A difficult task, mainly because buyers find it difficult to picture exactly what the future property will look like. When plans and photomontages simply aren’t enough, we can help: Feel Your Future Home 360° uses virtual reality to bring your construction project to life. It’s guaranteed to capture the imagination of your prospective buyers. Let your customers enjoy tomorrow’s view today.


Experience Virtual Spaces

Thanks to cutting-edge 360° technologies it is now possible to virtually walk through and experience your construction projects. Prospective buyers can immerse themselves in a high-resolution, 360° visualization of their future homes. No matter where they are: in your presentation room, at your booth at a trade show or on the construction site itself. By offering a range of different décors and floor coverings, Feel Your Future Home 360° shortens the decision-making process while also providing a fun experience for your customers, who are bound to enjoy virtually walking through the four walls of their future home. With the aid of intuitive integrated gaze control software, prospective buyers can move through the property hands-free and unaided.


Easier Sales

Reduce the time you spend on customer acquisition with self-explanatory homes.

Make your sales process more efficient while offering your future customers a genuine experience. Become the top attraction at your trade fair for housing and construction. Make selling fun! You can activate your devices yourself or we can deliver them preinstalled to you, wherever you need them.

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